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As we move closer and closer to moving to Africa and living the call God has put in our heart I am reminded more and more of the vision God gave us for you! That's right, Julie and I may not know you but we have been working on a way to support you in the dream God has placed in your heart. You see we know God created you, in Christ Jesus for good works!(Eph 2:10) It tells us when you understand and begin to live out of who you are in Jesus you will start to fulfill the great plans God had in mind when He created you! We created REACH Ministries to provide a place where people of faith can come together and support each other in fulfilling the dreams God put inside you! When we go live with the new site you will be able to join our community and start dreaming together. Like the title of this update let me ask you: What is your dream? What idea has God placed in your heart that will change the world around you?

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