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  • You mention dreams and tell me your dream, but what does a dream mean?"
    When we speak about dreams at REACH we are refering to the desire God has placed in your heart. We know everyone has something that burnsbright inside their heart and we call that your dream. It is our desire to help turn your dream into a project you can partner with others and complete
  • Why do I have to sign up?
    you don't have to sign up to look around review approved projects or support the projects with finances. If you want to talk on our forums, get help or help others withtheir dreams or create a dream of your own we want to get to know you better. We believe in partnership and transparency. We will never use or sell your information for anything outside of our web site mechanics
  • My sign up asked if I would volunteer for REACH?
    Yes! REACH was created to remove the overhead of missions works both at home and abroad. To accomplish that we have 0 paid employees. All money for site maintenance is raised seprate from the projects and even full time devoted volunteers don't make a paycheck. when you check you would be willing to volunteer for REACH that starts a conversation with different task that may be open such as monitoring the the forums for any activity outside of our policy, or helping other members word their project proposals correctly for effective communication. We are a community that wants to help each other fulfill the call God gave us and this takes everyone pulling together.
  • I don't see an answer to my question here?
    That is perfectly normal. the reason for this space is to help answer everyone's questions. If you have a question that is not listed here please clicl the contact button and ask away. We will respond asap and if it is asked enough we will update this space making the community better for every member. THANK YOU for your help!
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