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LIVING WATER Can you believe February is already Over!

What a busy month it has been we started the water for Agape project! I am happy to say after ten years of the children walking to fill a jerry can with water every day the well is flowing and the people are rejoicing! We still have funds to raise for infrastructure and delivery systems but the children are so happy to have water on campus! A huge thanks to everyone who participated in this first stage. I would also ask if you have plumbing skills, pressure pumps, tanks or finances to contribute we still have work to do delivering living water to our kids!

We Traveled To Mombasa We were able to tour the 8 MLM Churches in the south coast region. Teaching at an inter-faith pastor conference & 12 other preaching engagements. The churches and pastors were so encouraged. They say the word brought from afar is like a refreshing cool drink of water. We were reminded of the long history of Kenya and the huge Muslim influence. Follow our activity

Meet Rose

Rose is a new Christian who was saved in one of the church meetings held in Mtongwe. This was the first church built in the Miracle Land Ministries organization 30 years ago. It was very exciting to see that God is still calling new believers out of darkness. Pray for Rose as she gave her life to Christ this day, she will face persecution from the Muslim community. Pray she is strong and will become a great witness for Christ. Join Our Community >>

Pray the Lord of the Harvest The harvest is great but the workers are few. The gospel is alive and drawing men to Christ. We want to encourage every believer to get in place. God wants you to be ready and in place to execute on His plans. The Kingdom of God is in our midst! Imagine the results if we all showed the kingdom to the world at once.

Missions Projects

We have so many projects going on that we really need your help with completing. REACH provides a platform for you to contribute time, knowledge, relationship, materials and finances to feeding the poor, serving the underserved and reaching the lost. We have many projects underway like Agape Orphanage dormitories or the multi purpose hall both designs pictured above. We have humanitarian efforts like "Cover the basics" providing nutritious food, education and other basic needs to orphans who are suffering without means or recourse. We have scholarships for widows children and for full orphans that allowed us to rescue 5 orphans from very bad conditions just last month. Check Out Our Projects >> . We have projects to plant churches, adult education, vocational training and micro business loans for the widows. We are asking everyone to get involved and If you don't see a mission project God is calling you to work on. That is probably because He is putting a dream in your heart to start one. From our home page you can choose start your dream and this will begin the process to add your dream to the projects we are already working on today. REACH is designed to be a community of believers who want to change the world. We do that one relationship at a time, Christians helping Christians called by God to fulfill the dream he has put in your hearts! Come and be a part of our dream! Or Make Your Own >>

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