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God is Empowering Change: Inside the REACH Ministries March Newsletter

God kicked off this new year with a major triumph and as we reach the end of the first quarter, we are just so grateful for all He is doing to bring His Kingdom.

Many of you know that Jim & Cleo Hughes have joined the REACH Ministries team. This January Jim traveled with us to Kenya as we leaned into what God was doing in the new year for Kenya. We have been so blessed by Jim's contribution to the ministry, planning and support for the work, and ongoing efforts as we build a community of believers who want to change the world one relationship at a time.

Please keep Jim & Cleo in prayer as we pray and plan for their next mission trip and ongoing ministries in Kenya.

You can feel the change in the spirit realm as we have been working on many projects, teaching and preaching the good news. Seeing and ministering to the hearts of people everywhere whom God is giving a new vision of hope. We have had multiple opportunities to observe a call of God in His churches and meetings to repent, and then rise in their calling. Regular people in the Body of Christ are hearing the call to a modern-day return to the New Testament church where evangelism, outreach, and witnessing for Jesus is part of their everyday lives.

We were invited to tour the stadium preparations the day before the Healing the Nation crusade in the capital city of Nairobi. While there we were asked to join the intercessory prayer team that was lifting the crusade before God. As we prayed God allowed us to encourage and bless the prayer team. Julie, Jim, and I spoke to the crowd of men and women who gathered from churches all over the country to pray. You could feel the tangible presence of God in the room lifting His people, empowering them with ministry gifts and an anointing to take back their country. We spent the next 3 days with over 110,000 people that gathered for the event. We watched in awe as the President and First Lady of Kenya got down on their knees and prayed for their country! People from all over the country submitting their hearts and lives to God.

As we meet with old partners and new pray for the power of God to infuse our every step. Pray with us for the ministry to the widows and the orphans to grow. Ask God to guide us as we work on our building projects, the schools, the radio station the discipleship program. Remember us in your prayers that God protects our families. Pray with us that he shows up and teaches, heals, and delivers His people as we gather in His name. Pray for provision to come in for the projects, outreach, feeding programs, and for the ministries/people with whom we partner. Finally, I am asking our prayer partners to continue lifting Julie and me in prayer for the strength and courage to stand in the face of our personal family tragedy. March 6th was Elliott's birthday and although we struggled with the grief that comes from such a great loss. We could also feel the prayer and support of the mighty family we have in the body of Christ.

Keep up the good work, stand as a light in the darkness, and enter into the identity and call of Jesus in your life. We rejoice together at the wonder of His great love and the exciting life He has planned for each one of you!

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