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Oct 19, 2020
In General Discussions
Hello and welcome to the forum section. This is the area where we will be able to interact and develop strategies around our missions projects. The idea is to leverage the power of the crowd to solve the problems that might stop a project or a persons dream from coming true. Here we see the dynamics of crowd knowledge, that's right everyone has subject matter expertise (SME) in some area where you might have a challenge. Here is a great example, if you want to start a school for K-12 and help educate people in countries that do not have a prolific school system then you might run into challenges. If we have 100 people in the forums that have been or currently are educators then it is likely that their 2500 years of combined experience will have special understanding and be able to solve your education challenge. That of course, is just one subject but people are diverse when we begin to grow we will see so many different SME's that there wont be any problem we can't solve. This is called crowd knowledge; think of Wikipedia, the worlds best encyclopedia, dynamic and growing with millions of contributors and best of all it's free to everyone, supported by people who want to invest in the betterment of knowledge and it's delivery. So get involved, start some conversations and lets start changing the world! Richard


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