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June Update: REACH Ministries Missions

We can't believe it is June already. As we kick off the new month of June God has held us over in Mombasa until July when we will travel back to Nairobi. We closed out May and started June with a two-day leadership conference focusing on shepherding and the heart of a leader in the church. We are amazed at the love of God for His people. Very precious teaching from the heart of God to his called-out leaders and their flocks. You could tangibly feel the repentance and the subsequent victory as God raised

up His people and set them on the path of the New Testament church. We had 50 bishops, apostles, evangelists, preachers, teachers, deacons, and elders on the first day and the meeting swelled to 79 on the 2nd day as God called the people in for empowerment and renewal in His word!

Throughout May, we have had great adventures including a two point five-hour tuk-tuk ride to church, power outages,

and even an attempted robbery where the angels of God body-slammed 2 would-be thieves to the ground foiling the robbery and landing them both in jail. The church meetings have been amazing as we met new people in Mtondia where the church is ministering in an area dominated by witchcraft. God created new connections with Glory Christian Education Centre (over 200 children served here). Then we made new friends in Kwa Hola where the church is growing in a rented school room until God busts open the floodgates of new believers.

After 3 long, busy days of ministering in Likoni, Julie realized that since January (21 weeks) we have spoken 70 times to churches all over Kenya. That is in addition to the projects, schools, orphanages, emergency relief, feeding programs, widows, orphans, and churches we have been working with and assisting in these troubled times. God has blessed us, and we are honored to partner with all of you to help bring God's Kingdom and change the world one relationship at a time. Please keep standing with us in prayer for more open doors of ministry, for God's heart of discipleship to take hold and create changes in the earth. Pray with us for the ministry in Pakistan where the persecuted church is growing through discipleship. Pray for unity & peace in the body of Christ, pray for protection and favor as bring His light to witchcraft, demonic, and Muslim strongholds. Pray God continues to draw His people into the Kingdom through supernatural demonstrations of love, sacrifice, healing, and miracles. God has his hand on the heart of His church and is raising an army of relationship evangelists who have heard the call to be disciples. They are bearing fruit that bears fruit and Jesus is building the church despite the opposition in the world (Matt. 16:18). Rejoice Christians and celebrate with us and please receive our hearts, our love, and our gratitude for all you are doing!!!

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Blessed Generation Charity CBO in Migori is focusing on supporting Orphans, vulnerable children by providing feeding program to support malnourished children live healthy,we nurture talents and offer subsidies education. With the help of our partners Richard Cox and Julie Cox of REACHMINISTRIES we have been able to provide two (2) meals per day. May God bless bless you and increase you richly. We still look forward for your support and prayers for their education materials, uniforms and support in school.

Thanks alot and God bless you. 🙏

Director, Pastor Rhoda Ojijo


Blessed Generation charity CBO in Migori County Kenya in Suna west constituency is forever greatful to God and to REACHMINISTRIES for reaching out to us and with their continued support and prayers our malnourished kids are able to get food every day through monthly support we get from our partners Richard Cox and Julie Cox. May the good Lord bless you richly and those who have been sacrificing towards the vision.

Director Pst. Rhoda Ojijo


God Bless Reach Ministries for your continued support and prayers towards our Organization. Our malnourished kids are able to get food every month through the support of REACHMINISTRIES. We are forever greatful to God and to you. ❤️

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