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REACH Ministries started as a dream God put in our hearts to help hurting and dying people all around the world. But you know God. As Julie and I were taking the journey to go into full-time missions; we began to meet a lot of hurting people right here at home. Wonderful people with the love of Jesus in their hearts, but wounded and without direction. Whatever the story was, these people needed help, they needed a partner to pick them up, encourage them, remind them of the call and show them that God was not finished with them. 

We call this God expanding our vision. At REACH Ministries we intend to change the world at the direction of our Father in heaven and we will accomplish this by following the example of Jesus. We don't have the power to accomplish such things on our own but we do have the power to love the Lord with all we are and to love our neighbors as we love ourselves.  We plan to build relationships, love, encourage, support and equip those relationships then "rinse and repeat". Destroying the lies of the enemy and building the kingdom of God one relationship at a time. God wants to see thousands of His people empowered and taking the message of hope to the world. 

This was the expansion of the vision I spoke of earlier. We are building an online community of believers that will walk in the nature, direction and power of God and the use tool of the internet to facilitate these relationships like never before. Creating a platform that leverages the principles  of Crowd-sourcing, Crowd-planning, self-organization and Crowd-funding to develop and expand partnerships all over the globe!

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Richard Cox
Richard Cox
Oct 31, 2020


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