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We're Back!

Updated: Nov 21, 2021

After 2 months in the states we are so happy to return to Africa! We have hit the ground running this year with many assignments from the Lord. Many of you are aware that the building projects ( 2 dorms & multi purpose bldg.) were fully funded! We are rejoicing at the wonders and mercies of God to bring His people together and change the lives of these precious orphans in such a lavish and demonstrative way.

What many people may not be aware of is another commission and partnership with YWAM who will be sending a DTS team for 10 weeks starting in December. We are so excited to share the heart God has given us with our first visitors and co-

laborers to Kenya and REACH Ministries. We have been making the rounds this last two weeks making contact with our partners in the villages, in the western region. As I write we are now in Mombasa planning and meeting with our church family here and then we will finish up in Nairobi next week as we finalize the ministry itinerary, logistics and accommodations. Which includes helping the orphans and widows, street ministry, door to door, national convention, outreach crusades and church services in the bush, cities and coastal regions!

We are loaded with prayer request and need our partners at home and abroad to dive in this week as we give thanks and celebrate God's faithfulness. The enemy is not happy and up to his old tricks. Please pray for salvations and rededications as we minister, praying that Holy Spirit move in power, healing the sick, freeing the oppressed and calling men and women out of darkness and into Jesus's glorious light of salvation. We are asking God for supernatural travel mercies as the missionary team comes and partners with us physically this year and next. Please pray for unity in the church, a result of the covid separation has given rise to vain imaginations and caused some distance in the body of Christ here in Kenya. We are standing on God's word and speaking against spiritual darkness that wants to separate the church in this crucial time when the church is called to rise up and pull the world out of darkness. Pray God will give leaders wisdom, grace and love and pull hearts together as we attend the national convention. We are also requesting all our partners to pray for our ministries to move through corruption and not be touched by the fall out of theft, bribes, greed. There have been some items stolen from people on our projects and is requiring replacement of security. We are praying for all items to be returned or replaced and no further attacks of the enemy will prosper against God's people.

God has ordained this as a year of expansion for REACH Ministries and already begun to blow us away with His plans from the first week of Rosh Hashana (Jewish New Year) and continuing to date with new divine appointments and partnerships. Please pray God continue to give us wisdom, direct our paths, and build His ministry as we strengthen people and churches around the world.

We love you,

Richard & Julie

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Great blog! Glad you are back safely in Kenya. Challenges, yes, BUT GOD!!! Blessings!

Me gusta
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