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Welcome to 2023 - REACH Ministries

This is the year of Discipleship - Where God is laying out our call to be disciples that are actively discipling others.

We ended 2022 with a huge relief outreach helping over 1000 widows and orphans through our Christmas care packs and supporting other partner ministries with feeding programs in Kenya. REACH and you our partners supported projects, widows, orphans and reaching the lost in Kenya donating to real people with needs; ministries, schools, feeding programs, homes for widows, scholarships, water projects, Swahili & Luo bibles, orphanages, churches. We were able to preach the gospel to thousands of people through church meetings, clinics, crusades, conventions, school outreach, door to door and social evangelism.

While we are happy about God's outpouring in last year's ministry. We are bursting with excitement over what God is laying out for this year's plans! God has laid out a call to the churches we work with to become disciples that make disciples. God is outlining a program that drives outreach, discipleship, fruit that bears fruit, and maturity in the body of Christ.

#1 - Discipleship begins with love.

This is the call of Jesus to his followers everything must be founded in our love for God and our love for one another. In Jesus own words "they will know you are my followers by your love for one another" we can't change the world until we love so dramatically that the world notices it in us. We can't love like Christ until we are ready to lay down our lives for others. Showing people, the love of God is the only way to get them to a true relationship with Jesus. A true relationship with Jesus is the only way we can love like Him.

#2 - Prayer

We have to start in prayer, we can do nothing without the leading of God. A disciple must learn the power of prayer! In the book contagious disciple making the authors David & Paul Watson state that a prayer movement must proceed a disciple making movement. DL Moody says it like this:

“Every great movement of God can be traced to a kneeling figure.” – D. L. Moody

#3 - Read the word.

As Christians we have to read and understand God's word. It is so special, so life defining that we cannot really operate successfully in this life without the word. Jesus said if you love me you will keep my commandments. Jesus was the Word before He became our Savior, John calls Him the Word that became flesh and dwelt amongst us. The Word is the commandments of Jesus; as much as we can have a revelation of what Jesus says to us directly, we can also read His exact will every day and a disciple has to know how to read the word.

#4 - Witness, Make Disciples, & Serve

A disciple is known by his love for God and his love for people. Making disciples starts with relationships, you can't teach a person wisdom from God. You can teach them knowledge, but wisdom is only earned by actions or transferred through relationship. When we serve people, they respond in relationship. When you have earned the right to speak into someone's life, they will seek you out. It is also through serving that the spirit of God moves through you as the hands and feet of Christ, and you have access to the heart and mind of Christ. In the parable of the sheep and goats the only way the sheep got into heaven was by serving the least of their brothers and sisters. In those acts we begin to know Jesus and He begins to know us, outreach and producing fruit is a natural outcome of this relationship with King Jesus. John 15:5 I am the vine; you are the branches. Whoever abides in me and I in him, he it is that bears much fruit, for apart from me you can do nothing.

#5 - Embrace Suffering

As a disciple we must come to terms with the commandments to embrace suffering and hardships. It is not that we stay in and live in our hardship, but we cannot run from these things either. Jesus said in this life there will be hardships but rejoice for I have overcome the world. He is reminding us that we are only subject to Him, and this world can try and distract us from eternity, but the truth is that we have already won through Christ. That this truth is the foundation for living an overcoming life in Christ that gives us supernatural peace and all the provision we will ever need. We walk by faith, and without faith it is impossible to please God.

#6 - Expect Miracles

As a disciple we learn to live a life expecting Gods miracles, it is our answer to the fallen state of this world. Everywhere Jesus went He did miracles, and he expected His followers to do the same. He even stated that greater things than these will we do who are called by His name. If you call yourself Christian, then you should be living in the realm of His kingdom where miracles flow all around you!

Foundations of Disciples that Bear Much Fruit!

This is the age God is breaking through to reveal His glory through the church. You are the body of Christ and Jesus loves you so much! You have been commissioned to make disciples. God needs a disciplined, mature, committed church to walk in His truth to bring us into this next age. We must begin to invest in relationships that produce these disciples, teaching them to observe all that Jesus taught us. Join us this year in prayer, outreach, support, making disciples right where you are and even unto the ends of the earth.

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