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Hi everyone! God is on the throne and making

His heart known everywhere we go! As we

bring this month's ministry update we are overwhelmed with what Jesus is doing in His Church.

Since our last update, we have been able to minister in 3 new churches. One of these we had a 3-day conference on discipleship. Finally, we closed our time in Nairobi with a new project to provide emergency help to our church in Kiambio slum.

53 people in 17 families lost everything as the floods wiped their homes away. I am so proud of our partners in the US and our partners in Kenya who scrambled to respond and in one 24-hour period, we were able to get everyone into a home with food & clothing! You are truly the hands and feet of Jesus, serving those He brings before you in their time of greatest need.

On May 1st we traveled by train to Mombasa where Bishop Madera picked us up and ushered us to our first mid-week service. God is showing up and changing the lives of His people. We are so humbled and thankful for the hearts of the people whom He has prepared for such a time as this. We have been blessed with the opportunity to do meetings in Sowetto, Likoni Island, and Kongewea. Including, a pastor's prayer breakfast that opened the hearts of 25 church leaders to the idea of adopting discipleship as their main focus for evangelism. We also had a great home church meeting and a wonderful women's meeting where God's people are catching fire to the identity and call of Jesus in their lives.

The people, the culture, and the experience of Mombasa is very unique. You feel the flavor of an area that was thriving on this coast before the United States was even discovered. The market, dress shops, spice vendors, and people merge into a very exciting atmosphere. See this photo of Julie negotiating with the shopkeeper Nassir for dresses, that she bought for 4 dollars US! We are so thankful for your prayers and God

who has shown His mercy and continues to give us safety and favor everywhere we go. So many people are turning their hearts towards God and entering into a new relationship with the King of Kings and the author of their salvation! We ask that you continue to lift our family, our ministry, and our precious ministry partners in prayer. We are asking God for provision, peace & protection for the thousands of Kenyans impacted by the floods and the downturned economy. Even now school has been held up to make space for the refugees who are housing there until something can be done to help them move forward. Please, join us in prayer for the hearts, souls, and salvation of all we encounter as we work locally with our partners to lift people out of the trials and tribulations of this age.

God bless and keep you always,

Richard & Julie

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1 Comment

Very greatful to have you Richard cox and julie,you are such a blessing to the body of christ.nay the lord God annoint you more and supply to all your needs in Jesus name.your coming to Restoration of Life centre is a testament of God's fulfillment of the prophetic word and great commission,God has called us into.

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