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July: Cry of Our Heart

Update from the mission field! We are excited to share our hearts and some of the stories from Kenya. But I must start this newsletter with a huge Happy Fourth of July!

Wow, this last month has been a great month of victory and reward. Let me share what God has done in ministry, protection, our family, and the Body of Christ. We had great services and fellowship with the Jesus Wonders & Truth churches in the cities of Mtongwe, Shanzu, and Malindi. We were able to work with our good friend Bishop Hezra and reconnect with Rose Jr. (one of our favorite interpreters). God loves the church so much, and it is an honor and a great blessing to watch as He pours out His love in the churches we visit. We were so very blessed to go to Chaani and visit with Bishop Joyce and her churches. While ministering at the Hope of Glory Worship Center, God brought such a strong presence and sense of peace.

Only through the power and visitation of the Holy Spirit can we have such a dramatic time of fellowship and movement in the church of the Most High God. He is so faithful to raise His church higher and give us divine protection. We had our second attack of the enemy as an attempted robbery. Again, the Holy Spirit warned us during this attempt, and the thieves left with nothing for their time! During the middle of political unrest, world unrest,


and robbery attempts God is faithful and protects our path. In a huge family blessing, our 2nd oldest son Jonathan was married and has blessed us with a new daughter-in-law Sirena Cox (welcome to the family). Also on the family front, God has supernaturally healed our youngest daughter Emma from a peanut allergy. This life-threatening allergy is completely gone! Praise His Mighty name.

We are so blessed and excited about what the Creator is doing in the world today. The message is coming through to His people and to the lost, that His kingdom is coming soon. We must proactively begin to live into His truth like never before. It is time to start asking for a revelation of what it means for us as His children and servants in the Kingdom here on earth. We ask, Jesus, what do I need to do? When, where, and what gift are you giving me? How should I be using that gift to contribute to the Body of Christ and your Kingdom here on earth? It is time for the church to rise up in harmony, unity, and in one Spirit. God is telling His children that this starts with each of us!!

God is moving in our midst. We see Him changing lives in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, the USA & Pakistan. Stand with us in prayer for the lost, the called-out ones, all the nations we can and will reach.

Pray for the healings, the miracles, the words of knowledge and wisdom, and pray for our daughter Emma leading a team in outreach during the Olympics, our traveling mercies as we prepare to come and spend time in the United States. God stand with your children and reveal your path to us each. May the Lord bless you and keep you and make His face shine upon you and give you peace!

In His Name,

Richard & Julie

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2 則留言

We really thank God for the work you are doing because it has grant God's favour.we really appreciate for touching many lives of people.May God bless you and bless the work of your hands.we will continue praying for strength to continue with the ministry you are doing because you are changing many lives of people.

In His name

Linet Chemiat



So powerful God's favor and let's pray for kenya

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