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December to Remember!

God is really out doing Himself this year! And this December has become what we are calling the December to remember. Our building projects for the boys dormitory is in full swing!

But not just the dorm going up, God has actually provided the resources to complete the girls dorm and the multi-function hall. We are already planning the logistics of moving the girls out of their old space and having a tear down party as we make room for the new construction!

This seems like a full enough calendar with just the building projects alone; but wait, God is not finished yet! December is when we do our Christmas care packs for the widows and orphans. In 2020 we were able to reach 225 widows and orphans with the generous gifts of our reach community. But in 2021 God doubled the number of people reached to 150 widows, 270 children and 31 employees who are giving their lives for the orphans at Agape every day.

We see with God there are always multiple streams of benefit from every action we take! This month is no exception, in the middle of all that is going on here in Africa God sent us 13 Missionaries from YWAM who will be with us for 10 weeks ministering and serving the underserved here in Kenya.

But here is the icing on the cake; our daughter Emma was also able to come and visit us for the Christmas holiday!

It was truly nothing short of a Christmas miracle when sixteen missionaries showed up at Agape orphanage to throw the school a Christmas party. The group fed the kids preparing and serving them their special Christmas meal. They did skits, puppet shows, shared testimonies of how Jesus was working in their lives. Taught them dances and took the time to sit with them and love on them during this Christmas season.

The YWAM team also partnered with us to minister to the widows.

We handed out over 150 bags full of good nutritious food this day but the team also took the time to sit with the widows, share with them, hear their stories and validate them the way our Father ask us to treat everyone in the kingdom of God. At first glance it may not seem that special but in the culture here in Kenya the widows are at the bottom of the socio-economic societal standing. They are often shunned and rejected, being viewed as a burden even in some of the churches. God brought love, healing and mending of broken hearts during this simple time of fellowship with a few people who were willing to listen to the Father's heart and act on those instructions. I have to stop and thank all of our REACH Ministries Partners and community; we tell people we are an online community of believers who want to change the world one relationship at a time. The truth and the fruit of your faithfulness is showing through during this December to remember. Great job everyone who prays, who gives, who comes and physically works in the harvest.

MLM had their annual national convention this month and we were honored to minister there again this year with our YWAM team headlining! One of the very interesting things that came out during the teaching was Jesus plea as he sent his disciples out in pairs. He said the harvest is great but the laborers few so pray that the Lord of the harvest would send laborers... for two-thousand years people have been praying that God send laborers to the harvest. Each of you that support the ministry in any way are laborers. That makes you the result of two-thousand years of prayer!

Did I mention we have a great team of missionaries here partnering with us for the next 10 weeks? This amazing group of folks have laid down their lives to come and help build the kingdom of God and we couldn't be more blessed. This team hit the ground running and God is using them to change lives everyday here in Kenya. Be sure to check the forums, Facebook and look for future blog updates to keep hearing what God is doing through you, our partners and REACH Ministries!

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Ceanne Cox
Ceanne Cox
02 de jan. de 2022

I love reading all about what is going on. I told Earl, I wish he n I could travel there to do whatever we could for a little while. Seems impossible....but God. ☺️❤️. Again, such a blessing to see all that is happening. God bless n protect you and Julie. And, God bless all the folks there and abroad who pray, work, donate and show up to physically build new homes/ dorms for these precious children. Love y'all ❤️

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