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Hi All,

we are looking at a 2-3 week launch date for the REACH Ministries website. We are so excited as we pack, sell, and giveaway all our worldly possessions our partners are hard at work building our virtual web space. Julie and I have secured our partnership with GOFUND.ME Charity who will be providing their excellent crowdfunding services for a fraction of the cost a regular bank charges. Remember that we are fundraising for two budgets right now since there are no projects to fund. First we have the REACH Ministries operations budget which is contracted labor and hosted services for the future community website for the year of 2021. The 2020 operations budget is completely funded. The 2021 budget is a total of $19,800.00. We are very proud of the fact that this operational cost is fixed. even if we support and deliver a million dollars worth of projects this year the overhead will not change delivering all the project donations directly to the intended beneficiaries, for the intended missions work. REACH is all volunteer staff so every member of the team does not takeaway from the missions work but contributes to serving the under served peoples in the world. Which brings us to our second fund raising effort, The Cox family plans to spend 2021 abroad in Kenya at the request and invitation of Miracle Land Ministry a national non denominational church group of 150 indigenous churches. We have put together a modest family budget to cover expenses and make sure we have all we need to bless the church in Kenya and not be a burden as we execute and deliver on six projects the local pastors have a dream to complete. We are raising our support separate from the projects and the Missions organization because we don't want to take money away from humanitarian efforts; but only want to take support from people and churches who God has called to come along side and partner with our family. Our missions budget goal is $47,100.00 for the entire year. Both of these budgets will be posted on line when the site launches and are available upon request in the notes section of the donation page. Please note that the comment section also allows you to designate what effort you are supporting. We love you and will update you again next week!

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