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Cox Family Missions 2024

2024 Kenya to help the local churches

Hi Everyone,

Julie and I are preparing to return to Kenya in November! We had a tremendous year in 2021 working with "Miracleland Ministries''. Only God could make the vision a reality, He has given us over 60 speaking opportunities, Hundreds of widows and orphans supported with programs designed to restore dignity and lift them our of the pit of poverty and despair. in year one we raised over 40k completing many projects and in progress on many more. The gospel has been preached to thousands with many people saved, delivered and healed in Jesus mighty name. We are ready for 2022 with projects queued up right now that include service and support of widows, orphans, and the poorest of people in Kenya. The projects are humanitarian providing access to clean water, nutritious food, clothing, education, safe housing, medical, mental and improved quality of life body, soul and spirit. We are working directly with Pastors and administrators from MLM and Agape Orphanage who are the local sponsors of the projects. The local partnership is designed to ensure longevity and culturally appropriate consistency with every effort we support. Our main ministry to the pastors and people of MLM will be encouragement, discipleship and connection. We have created an online community of believers that want to support and execute missions based projects all over the world. As we help the underserved in Kenya one of our main objectives is to train the community leaders to use these online tools and connections to create long term partnerships all over the world. We refuse to be a burden on the people we want to help and to ensure that we have created a line item family budget. We would love to have your prayers and financial support for our family on this mission's effort.

We believe in total transparency and will post the budget here for your review. In addition any money collected over the budget amount will go directly to the orphans and widow projects posted within the same calendar year.

Thank you so much for your support, prayers and encouraging words.

Richard & Julie Cox


Help Spread the Word!

Richard & Julie Cox

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