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Blessed Generations in Partnership with REACH Ministries

Blessed Generation Charity Center, has 60 children. 20 of these children come from a very poor background and 40 are either partial or total orphans.

We get kids from their homes in the village due to negligence caused by poor living conditions in the child’s life. Some of the kids in the program are positive for HIV/AIDs and have lost their parents to the disease. They live with their grandparents who are not capable of caring for them.

A good number of these children have dropped out of school due to a lack of food and cannot afford school fees, school uniforms, and books/supplies. When it comes to the bigger kids in the program, the lack of things such as hygiene products, sanitary towels, and underwear has caused them to drop out of school!

As the founder of Blessed Generation Charity Center, I and my friend from the UK decided to launch the Feeding program to help these kids get food and maintain their Health so they can go to school.

From support from donations, I am able to provide exercise books and pens every term to enable these kids to have writing materials and pay their school fees.

From the continued support of donations, hygiene products, and underwear and bra are available for the bigger kids. This has helped promote a sense of security and confidence for the big girls during their menstrual circle.

We have experienced an increase in the number of children presenting to the program due to the reasons mentioned above. Blessed Generation Charity Center is growing quickly, and this means an increasing need for support. This has really helped these children. The Feeding program will only succeed with more food donations.

During our meetings, we focus on teaching Hygiene and encouraging the kids through spiritual care to promote well-being.

We also ensure physical wellness through activities such as Football, Dancing, Singing, etc.

We also train the kids on the benefits of taking care of our environment and using what we have to take care of ourselves. This is attained through gardening where we grow vegetables and fruits such as spinach, Kale, and tomatoes.

My goal is to show these kids that there is hope beyond their current situation. I want to see the lives of these Kids transformed through the word of God and to reach out to others with their new stories. I want every child to live a positive and Healthy life

To make this dream come to reality we need your help. We need to raise $900 monthly to cover the feeding program, fee payments, Hygiene products, and for our big girls and personal needs. By donating to this cause, you can you'll be supporting the next generation of leaders and make a difference in the lives of these Orphans and disadvantaged children in the community.

I appreciate your generosity and consideration and thank you in advance for ANY donation of ANY amount. Every little bit truly helps! Your donations will be contributing more than you realize to make a difference. 100% of donations will aid in assisting vulnerable children.

If you would like to know more about the program, please

Please help me give them just that🙏

May God bless you in advance.

Richard & Julie Cox

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