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88.3 Zuri FM Christian broadcasting

Christian Radio

I am excited to introduce Zuri FM 88.3 a new Christian radio station ministry founded by Spirit & Power Prophetic Assembly Pastor Levis. We are partnering with Levis and his team with REUEL CBO. This ministry is bringing the body of Christ and local ministries together like never before to promote the kingdom of God in Kisumu County. The initial launch is reaching up to 60,000 people in the Awasi area. Our next step is to raise support of $2000 US to upgrade the tower extending the range and target audience to 300,000 listeners. With our final target is to raise an additional $5000 US to increase the transmitter to 10,000 watts. This last goal will increase the target ministry audience to 1.2 million souls reached every day with the gospel of Christ. Please add your prayers to ours as we invade the enemy's domain of the air we have encountered much resistance and attacks on the ministries involved… it is how we know the power of God and His kingdom are crushing the deeds of darkness. Huge thanks and gratitude!!!!

Richard & Julie Cox

Richard & Julie Cox

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