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2024 Scholarship Fund

Education Fund

2024 we hope to double the effort in supporting these orphans. The Widows Scholarship Fund is designed to assist widows in Kenya with tuition for their children. 15% of the population is Kenya are estimated to be widows. This group of unnoticed women has been devastated by the impact of COVID-19 on their communities and jobs. We have a coordinated group of projects and local community support groups that are working to empower this segment of society and educate them in business skills, soap manufacturing, agriculture, baking, poultry, retail sales, and textile production. These support programs enable them to create businesses that sustain their families and rise above the many challenges they are facing. This fund will provide 600-dollar scholarships for the children of widows involved in the Widows Social Empowerment (WSE) program and provide relief from this annual expense while they are building their businesses. We are targeting 30 students this year with more requests coming in every day.
We are no longer listing names on this open project but for anyone willing to fund a scholarship for one of these beautiful children we would be happy to provide full bio with the child and guardian's permission so that you can lift them up and pray for their education and life in general.
I want to thank you ahead of time for your generosity and willingness to make a change in the hearts of the underserved people in Kenya!

Richard & Julie Cox

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