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2024 Persecution Relief Funds

Stand with our Partners in Pakistan

In 2024 we are still backing our partners in Pakistan as they support the devastated Christian population. The Church is under attack in Jaranwala Tehsil located in the Faisalabad District. There has been mob violence aimed at Christians there with the looting, burning, and destruction of 27 churches and over 200 Christian homes. stand with us as we pray for relief and restoration for these brothers and sisters in the Lord. Our partners ministering in the country have put together a project to help the many families and churches displaced by the violent destruction of their homes and the normal place of refuge for these communities have also been burned out. Families, widows, and children sleep outside on the ground or in the burned-out shells of their former residences where the roof has melted away leaving only charred stone walls.
The approach is to provide a basic needs list of goods, and clothing that the people need to start rebuilding their lives and communities. We are working to restore dignity and hope to 100 families in distress. Each family budget is 214 USD ($21,400 total). Please pray about helping these Christian people living under the threat of religious persecution and ask God how you can support this ongoing effort.
Our project sponsor for this effort will remain unnamed for safety reasons. We will be updating this project in the forums with status and photos where appropriate.

God Bless,
Richard & Julie Cox

Richard & Julie Cox

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