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2024 Feed the Children & Widows

Emergency Relief

REACH Ministries is continuing this relief project to provide $1000.00 monthly to five organizations we are currently working with to get needed nutritional food into the hands and mouths of these precious people.
Directly benefiting the organizations listed here.
Agape Orphanage efforts led by Mark
Blessed Generations Widows & Children feeding program efforts led by Rhoda
Dorcus Ministry Efforts led by Millicent
Kiambiu Outreach efforts led by Stephen
MLM Widows efforts led by Lucas & Benter
Each of these organizations is committed to and is currently in the process of maintaining daily support and nutritional food programs for the impacted people in their communities. Help us provide emergency rations to over 1500 widows and orphans. There will be more projects to follow up on this request, but we feel the need to create an emergency request for a quick response in this time of crisis.
Thank you
Richard & Julie

Richard & Julie Cox

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