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Nairobi Church Planting

We are raising $6000. for this new church plant, all funds will pay for the rented space for 1 year. It is by the call and direction of God that we endeavor to plant a new church in Kitengela, Nairobi- Kenya, 233 miles away from the current church I founded in 2012 in Kisumu, Kenya. Kitengela is a fast growing town with a huge population many of them are unchurched, many poor people and street children. The objective to be achieved in the new location are:
To evangelize and church the unchurched
To expand our reach
To have programs to help street children, most of them being orphans and vulnerable children.
About Prophet Andrew: Andrew Omondi is the Vision Bearer of the Temple of Glory of All Nations, an affiliate branch of Miracleland Ministries (MLM).
Born on 3rd September 1977, Andrew was brought up with both parents acknowledging the call of God in his life. Before his birth at two months old in pregnancy, the Lord in a supernatural way sent a prophet, a man unknown to his parents as a messenger with the message to his parents, while staying in a tea estate in Kericho County, Kenya, where the father was a primary school teacher.
The prophet while speaking with his parents, pointed out to the mother that she was pregnant with a baby boy and was to be named Andrew and that he would be a prophet of the Lord God.
Andrew, whose parents were Anglicans grew up through school and came to accept Jesus as Lord and Savior at 19 years, in February, 1997 just before he joined University to pursue Bachelor of Science in Mathematics. On that day he got born again, the Lord gave him grace to take 24 hours dry fast and from that day Andrew began a journey of praying and fasting on mountains and caves and as the Lord gave him direction, he began to walk house to house preaching the gospel to the lost. Later, in 2008 as he was working with an international non-governmental organization as a departmental head, he started an interdenominational outreach mission, Cross of Christ Evangelistic Ministry.
This supernatural call has ushered him to a vibrant work of God, with grace in powerful teaching of the Word, prophetic anointing, healing and deliverance gifts. These remarkable miracles, attested by medical doctors, including healing of ulcers, cancers, arthritis, paralysis, insanity, the lame and extreme cases of ailments marks the call of God in his life for the glory of the Lord God.
Remember, all glory goes back to God. Isaiah 42:8 “I am the Lord; that is my name!
I will not yield my glory to another or my praise to idols.”
Prophet Andrew is married and blessed with 5 lovely children.
Andrew and his team are looking for seed funds to start the church in Nairobi which will be focused on expanding the kingdom of God and expanding the MLM outreach to the orphans and street children in Nairobi.

Richard & Julie Cox

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