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Plaster the Widows Church is completed see story in forums

Oyengwe Widows
The Widows built Bethlehem Church part of the MLM church network out of pure determination and desire to have a place to worship God together. When they first found themselves without a pastor and leased church building the advice they recieved from local ministers was that they should join someone else's church. Instead God called a pastor from their group and then one of the widows donated the land. They scrimped and saved, made their own bricks bought the materials they needed and after two years they have completed the structure and the iron windows and doors. The only remaining work is to plaster the inside and out with cement for a smoothe finish. The cost on the cement is 650 Ksh x 80 bags and 3 lorries of sand at 12000 Ksh for a total of 88,000 Ksh. which is 880 USD and we always include a tithe to the local church of $88 total budget to bless the widows and finish their church? $968 USD
Thank you for your consideration and donations to these awesome women!

Richard & Julie Cox

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