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YAY COMPLETE Ekeonga School Water Project Phase I

Water For The Children

Today we introduce a new project and partner in Agustus Ogachi Onsabwa who is the founder of a school for orphans and disadvantaged children outside of Kisii in Kenya. In this first project we want to revitalize an existing well and add a pump to carry the water to a tower for a gravity fed delivery system. GOALS: 1. To provide water and sanitation for approximately30 Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC) situated within the Ekeonga School, Kisii County Kenya.
2. sanitation and hygiene are a huge burden in developing countries. It is estimated that 88% of disease is caused by unsafe water supply, and inadequate sanitation and hygiene.
Ekeonga School lacks adequate drinking-water and sanitation and handwashing facilities. Currently, the school has one water tank and a hand dug well that water is retrieved via bucket. The CBO is seeking Consideration for financial support in the following;
Purchase and installation of water distribution pump
Installation of water pipes and electricity to supply running water in essential facilities. The Project needs to raise $480.00 Thank you for your contributions to this effort!

Richard & Julie Cox

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