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YAY COMPLETE Ekeonga Nutritional Feeding Program

Feed the Children

Ekeonga Nutrition Program ---The need - Poverty has always been recognized as the major cause of disease, death, and disability (UNICEF, 2017). Large families in rural areas often face these problems and the earning members of the family are mostly unable to cope-up with the situations and day to day survival becomes difficult. With the death of their parents, children are left as orphans and destitute. These children often starve without shelter, food, clothing and suffer inaccessibility to education (UNICEF, 2017). In Kenya, it is estimated that there are approximately 3.6 million children aged < 18 years who have been orphaned or who are vulnerable. According to the Government of Kenya (2016), Children below 15 years constitute 47% of the population, while youth aged 15-24 years constitute 21% of the population.

Ekeonga School and Orphanage lead by our partner Augustus; is serving the local community by providing food, clothing, housing and education to the orphaned and vulnerable children in remote western Kenya. We have created a modest budget for our daily feeding program that is designed to provide the children with a good nutritional meals throughout the year. As a part of our full program serving the orphans and vulnerable children in the area nutrition is currently the number one need to enable these children to have a healthy and fruitful childhood. We have included a copy of the current proposed budget for one month at $1500 US and kindly request your assistance in raising these funds to meet the needs at Ekeonga.

Thank you,
Richard & Julie Cox

Richard & Julie Cox

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