Water For Agape Infrastructure

Clean Water Supply for Orphanage

We were so pleased to restore the water well this last year as this project began but now it is time to buckle down and raise the funds to create and distribute the water safely for the campus GOALS: 1. To provide water and sanitation for approximately 300 Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC) situated within the Agape Orphanage and School, Homabay County Kenya.
2. sanitation and hygiene are a huge burden in developing countries. It is estimated that 88% of disease is caused by unsafe water supply, and inadequate sanitation and hygiene.
Agape Orphanage and Schools lacks adequate drinking-water and sanitation and handwashing facilities. Currently, the school has only two water tanks (Figure 7) fed by rain water. In addition, the drilled borehole does not supply water since the water pump is dysfunctional (Figure 6). The institution is thus a high-risk environments for children and staff, and exacerbates children’s particular susceptibility to environmental health hazards, and diseases such as diarrhea and Covid-19.
Children’s ability to learn may be affected by inadequate water, sanitation and hygiene conditions in several ways. Poor environmental conditions in the classroom can also make both teaching and learning very difficult. Girls and boys are likely to be affected in different ways by inadequate water, sanitation and hygiene conditions in schools, and this may contribute to unequal learning opportunities. Sometimes, girls and female teachers because of hygiene requirements. The intervention: To address the challenge of inadequate water, sanitation and hygiene services at Agape Orphanage and School, in terms of both quality and quantity, this project seeks to ensure that the water pump attached to the drilled borehole is repaired and water pipes installed for easier access to and consumption of water.
Project Beneficiary: Orphans and Vulnerable Children
Project Requirements: Under objective 3, the ministry is seeking Consideration for financial support in the following;
Purchase and installation of water distribution pump
Installation of water pipes to supply running water in essential facilities such as the school kitchen, bathrooms and classrooms.
Purchase and installation of four additional water tanks including a water tower for gravity fed pressure
Evaluation of current sewage system.

Richard & Julie Cox