Missionary In Training


It is my heart’s desire and God’s call on my life to become a missionary. My current training has included 2 years of bible school and missions work in Malaysia. The next 2 years are leadership training and donated full time ministry as staff for YWAM Bible School.
Complete the 2 year Staffing assignment with YWAM
Raise the Support for this mission: This includes YWAM fee’s and personal budget for support
My parents are full time missionaries and I feel called to be one as well. God put it on my heart to staff over a year ago and as I grow and mature in my faith God has confirmed that this is my next step. With my parents being missionaries and staffing being a full time job therefore I have no income and am trusting that God will provide. My request is for people that hear my story pray and if they feel God telling them that they would come alongside me on this journey and pray for my progress, pray for the missions trips and share the financial burden with a monthly or one time offering as led by the spirit.
Thank you,

Emma Cox