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2023 Disciples That Make Disciples

Outreach Project

This is the age that God is breaking through to reveal His glory to the Church. We are the Body of Christ and Jesus loves each of us so much. We the Church have been commissioned by Christ to make disciples. God needs a disciplined, mature, committed church that will walk in His truth and bring us into the next age. We must begin to invest in relationships that produce disciples, teaching them to observe all of Jesus commandments. Join us this year as we jump into discipleship. We are printing a discipleship training book and offering that free of charge to encourage this discipleship movement. Please consider buying these books for outreach we are currently printing them for $1.20 each and giving them to disciples everywhere.
our goal is to raise funds for 1500 copies in English, Swahili and Urdu

Thank you for your contribution,
Richard & Julie Cox

Richard & Julie Cox

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